Abudawood AlSaffar Company (ASC) is a thoroughly modern service provider with a global vision strongly rooted in the heritage of accomplishment derived from its joint venture partners the Abudawood Group (ADG) in Saudi Arabia and Mohammed Ebrahim Al Saffar (MES) in Bahrain.
Established in December 2005, ASC has developed into one of the strongest sales and distribution operations in Bahrain making it one of the Kingdom’s foremost distributors of fast moving consumer packaged goods.
Our diverse product portfolio includes over 40 world class brands entrusted to ASC by global clients. Nearly all of the brands represented by ASC lead their respective categories in sales and rank either #1 or #2 within the marketplace.


Abudawood AlSaffar Company (ASC) continues to experience strong business through organic growth, additional clients and product category expansion. Ongoing business best practice implementation and restructuring has been a consistent practice at ASC thus enabling the company to provide strategic services to current and new clients within Bahrain.


Abudawood AlSaffar Company (ASC) ambitiously seeks and expects substantial growth well into the future. This will be achieved by continuing to build upon our core strengths within the Bahrain market via providing services to some of the world-class brands and the addition of new categories. ASC celebrates its history and achievements todate and looks forward to a bright future, welcoming new clients for its world-class services.