Mrs. Nony Berbano Morales


Mrs. Morales is the Finance and Accounting Manager of Abudawood AlSaffar Company (ASC).

Mrs. Morales is responsible for the whole accounting operation and finance management of the company.

Before moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2003, Nony worked for more than 11 years as Finance & Administration Manager of a private manufacturing company in the Philippines. She joined ASC in June 2006. The internal control, Mrs. Morales and her team put in place through the creation and strict implementation of the comprehensive Finance & Accounting Policies & Processes helped propel ASC to what it is today.

She holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accountancy from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She also completed postgraduate course of Computer System, Analysis & Design from De La Salle University, Manila.

She lives in Kingdom of Bahrain with her family since 2003.

Nony Morales