Business Process


ASC’s proprietary business processes have been developed and refined over many years.

We export and refine these processes into each business of every market we enter in order maximize our productivity on behalf of our clients.

Examples of our proprietary processes:

  • The Retail Van Operations (RVO) Order Fulfillment process is for calling on, delivering products to, and receiving payments from van customers.
  • The Sales and Separate Delivery (SSD) Order Fulfillment process is for calling on retail or wholesale customers and taking their orders, then arranging to have the orders delivered separately from the call.
  • The Product Supply (PS) process is for forecasting company product needs, ordering them from imported and local sources, clearing imported products from ports, receiving and paying for both imported and locally manufactured products, and handling damages and shortages.
  • The Initiative Implementation (II) process is for creating, communicating, executing and monitoring programs related to brand budgets, earnings and spending, new item launches, special pack events, off-invoice or on-invoice promotions, or other events.