Merchandising Function

With the utilization of work force estimator tools, well-planned on the job trainings and detailed journey routes; we strive for the most efficient and effective service coverage for more than 90% of the market.

We are the eyes and ears, arms and legs of the organization in the field. With more than 50 employees in this department, we are able to assist in holistic market coverage, by catering for seasonal swings and rushes, as well as, swift actions needed to be done at the same time throughout the Kingdom.

By partnering with the world’s market leading brands, we ensure they receive the best in class executions that these brands deserve. More than 70% of brand switching and decisions happen at the shelf; therefore, we strive to optimize each brands competitive edge at the point of sale, by ensuring our Sales fundamentals are in place throughout the market.

We provide live tracking and reporting of shelf availability, display executions, visibility and automated reports that assist the whole organization for immediate actions.